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So, if you folks don’t know, I got to meet Neil Gaiman this past Saturday in Decatur, GA. 

Originally, I had missed the deadline for the tickets. I was very sad. Because I had spent an entire night drawing and painting two pictures I was planning to give him. I planned to get the tickets after I finished my paintings…and when I looked at the site, they were gone. 

I was mostly disappointed at myself, because I had waited too long to get the tickets and it was all my fault, bla bla bla. 
But, the fact of the matter is, I still had paintings for him. 
So I decided to message him on here. I did. I explained to him my situation and basically all I was asking for was a way to show him my creations. I was not expecting a response, and if I did, I was expecting a short “just send it over twitter” or something. 

A couple days later….SURPRISE. My inbox has a message. Not thinking much of it, I click it and…wait….was it? NO WAY, MAN. It was Mr. Gaiman, with a response!! Firstly, let me tell you—I was just thrilled he had even responded at all, so at this point it almost didn’t even matter what the response was. He could have said “Go bite a shoe” and I would have been thrilled. But it was even better. His answer: “Let’s see if we can get you on the guest list.” 

UM WHAT. I had to re-read it about 80 times, and during this moment in time, I had a friend over and she was literally watching me freak out and flail and run around the house with terrified amusement. (She hasn’t come back since) 

So once everything was settled, I was officially on the guest list. For free. I had VIP and all that jazz. I managed to throw together a derpy Coraline costume (In which Mr. Gaiman made the comment “Katrina….you look very Coraline-y.” ) and placed my drawings for him in plasticy cover things so my greasy paws wouldn’t ruin them. 

Mr. Gaiman was extremely nice. He signed my book, recognized my costume, gave me a giant bear hug (He said “Come back here and give me a hug.” I think I squeaked.) and held my hand while I thanked him a million times for getting me on the guest list and SERIOUSLY he is the nicest man on the planet. 

Incredible author, inspiration to me for about 5/6 years now. His work is definitely influential to my own writing. I hope that while Mr. Gaiman is on tour, he’ll look at my drawings for him from time-to-time and smile. I hope he likes them. I literally don’t remember if he said anything nice about them because I was jumping up and down and rambling and squeaking so much that even if tried it was probably not audible over my squeaks. (d’oh) 

If he ever reads this—Thank you, Mr. Gaiman. What an unforgettable experience this has been for me. You are my favorite human. 

(If anyone here is unfamiliar with his work, check out Coraline, Neverwhere and Smoke & Mirrors) 

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