Countess of the Asylum

Today I modeled for the character Katusha—a Ukrainian soldier during WWII. 

 Wayne Vansant, a former Marvel comic book artist, asked me to be Katusha’s reference model for her 18-20 year old self for the third and final graphic novel of the series. He came over to take several pictures of myself doing different facial expressions and poses that Katusha did through out his rough-sketches of the final book. My Dada took some photos of him taking photos, and I present them to you here! Mr. Vansant said that he will send me the photos he took, so I will definitely post them when they arrive. 

The third book will probably not even begin to get inked until next year, but he wanted to get some good reference photos for it, and I feel very lucky that I was given the opportunity to be the face of Katusha! :D 

*Also, the background: my Dada collects vintage toy soldiers, WWII memorabilia (such as helmets, hats, weapons and uniforms) so please do not offended by all the German hats and helmets. On the other side of the room is the Communist and the Allied Forces keepsakes. He just loves to collect WWII stuff! So please don’t be mad. XD thank you. 

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