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Trini Quinn Costume Line Up for 2012 !

**Not all Convention dates or costume ideas are final**

  • January 28th (some mini convention that I forgot the name of..) - School Girl Miku. 
  • Momocon (March) - Rolling Girl Miku, School Girl Serena/Usagi 
  • Dragon*Con (September) - Harley Quinn, Dee Dee Twins (with Stephie)
  • AWA (October) - Card Captor Sakura


 Goals for my cosplay and conventions this year:

  • Find my first real Lolita accessory or clothing item.
  • Find Miku’s original outfit that matches my wig.
  • Bring a lot more care and authenticity to my cosplays this year.
  • Make a ton of new friends. 


As for AWA: I definitely have CardCaptor Sakura planned. As some of you may know, I am doing her pink kitty version. (^u^)
I know I want to go at least one day as CCS; but for the second day line up, it all depends on if I do, in fact, find Miku’s original outfit or not; I may be casual Harley Quinn on Friday (like, suit and pigtail wig), CardCaptor Sakura Saturday and then Original Miku Hatsune on Sunday. Idk yet.

One reason Harley isn’t in my list for each convention is because the suit isn’t even finished yet, and idk when SSG will start working on it again. I am PRAYING that it will all be ready by D*C. So even for D*C….I’m not even sure it will be ready. BUT I HOPE. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though I might sort of *nudge nudge* soon so maybe she’ll start again…

But on the other hand, I’m also stoked about being anime characters again. There have been about…3 years in a row, I want to say, that I was nothin’ but Harley for each convention…and that’s fine! :D I had a total blast. But I do like a little variety every now and then. I’m thinking that Harley will always be a staple for Dragon*Con. and I’ve made a goal is to be nothing BUT Batman related characters at D*C.

But trust me. I think next year (2013) Harley will TOTALLY get a lot more usage again. I’m just wary about the costume being done in time this year, but  2013? Most def. I think we will be seeing a lot more of me as Harley in 2013 for sure. ^u^ 


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